City of Bakersfield - Sump Locator Tool

Climatologists are predicting a strong El NiƱo for this fall/winter season, bringing with it the possibility of severe flooding across much of the state. Many state and local emergency officials are now warning that despite being in the midst of one of the worst droughts in California's history, cities and residents should be making preparations for some moderate to severe flooding events.

The City of Bakersfield is responsible for the operation and maintenance of a majority of residential and commercial/industrial storm water conveyance systems (catch basins, storm water pipes, manholes, junction boxes, and inlet structures) and disposal systems (typically an infiltration basin, also known as a SUMP) located within the city limits.

However, many storm water conveyance and disposal systems are located within private residential developments and private commercial/industrial areas. It is the responsibility of the property owner(s) and/or property managers of these areas to ensure that their storm water conveyance and disposal systems have an operation and maintenance program in place to remove pollutants and prevent clogging of the conveyance system, and to maintain percolation ability and groundwater quality underlying these basins.

So, where is your storm water collection site (sump)?

Enter your address within the mapping application below and find out! The application displays the location of City-maintained storm water conveyance and disposal systems, the boundary for those systems (orange border), and the associated sump which collects the storm water. Additionally, the map shows the location of County-maintained and privately-maintained sumps. If you are unsure of whether your storm water conveyance and disposal system is City-maintained or privately-maintained, please contact the City of Bakersfield Public Works Department at (661) 326-3724.


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